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Privacy policy and Terms of Use

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Process of Personal Character Data

Visitors accessing this website acknowledge the fact they must be 14 years of age or older. Usage of the site is to inform and must be used accordingly.

The user authorizes Miami School Insurance. company which administrates this site for the management of personal data to give the user voluntary access for the following purpose: *To solicitate information via the telephone, electronically, to obtain or renew license of insurance or simply to gain knowledge to sell insurance.

In this case, the user accepts that:

Your data including name, telephone number, particular direction and other data will be provided to corresponding organizations for the required attention derived by the request. Being the main physical entity for Schools of Insurances, they have the approval and appropriate requirements required by the state of Florida to practice and issue certification. The intention and goal is to inform and teach through paid class courses from our site in order to obtain certification or licenses required by the state of Florida. Therefore, your data may be used exclusively for the purpose indicated previously  including in the use via electronics or to organizations in other countries in respect to Florida legislation in the United States of America. It is at our best interest under Miami School Insurance to protect personal data. Data received is treated with confidentiality and professionalism. This information is not given to third parties or organizations to be used for different purposes not authorized under Miami School Insurance.

Any users visiting this website do so voluntarily soliciting their own information for the purpose of being contacted through telephone or other forms through Miami School Insurance It is probable that shared data may reach email campaign and telemarketing companies which is understood through the privacy policy that data was given voluntarily. It is up to the right of the user to deny such rights to telemarketing and email campaign companies by removing self from their list. Once removed, they will no longer contact said user.

The archives and files created under the supervision and control of Miami School Insurance are responsible for protecting data confidentiality and integrity of the users, clients, and visitors according to agreement legislative laws established by Florida, United States of America.

Miami School Insurance is not responsible for facts registered voluntarily by users on our website. This website reserves the right to exclude any party who tries to undermine the operation of our company. Falsified information (incorrect email, telephone number, or direction) given on Miami School Insurance will not be permitted and therefore these parties will be removed from our database. Miami School Insurance Inc reserve the right to deny anyone even though data is correct and current due to variable character elements causing doubts about his or her interest or intentions. Therefore, the user will be excluded from registration who have incurred situations indicated in the previous sections.